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Joel Chin
CEO, Activate Interactive

Joel Chin - Testimonial.png

"Your passion, authenticity and knowledge shine through in the work you are doing with Actxa. Our employees benefitted greatly from the Employee Wellness Programme you lead."

Jeong Fok

Co-Founder, Ground Zero Singapore

Jeong Fok - Testimonial.png

"I was struggling with mental health. Alex taught me how to show up and also take ownership of the choices I make for myself and for my business. This has helped me become a better person and a better leader at work. I highly recommend Alex if you are struggling at work. If you are a boss/leader and you require that support from someone you can safely share your problems with, Alex is the man."

Joseph Irving D
Designer and Sustainability Champion


"Alex was instrumental in helping me find clarity for my next direction. He was patient with me, listened intently and guided me carefully to coming to the right conclusion for the road to take. What struck me the most was his ability to draw out my concerns and see where I needed to go. I am grateful for his astute nature, patience and probing nature. I would recommend him to anyone needing career coaching."



Co-Founder, Studio Starfire (Pole Fitness)

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Even a single conversation with Alex is insightful – in my case it was confirmation of the trend of women moving from yoga towards strength-based activities like Pole Dance, which makes use of their enhanced body awareness to "level up" even faster for pole trick levels, and achieve more graceful lines on the pole.


Take a minute to reach out to Alex for your own strategic insights today!"

Jenjira Namjatturas 
Marketing Manager at Techsauce Co. Limited


"Alex helped me to forge the right path to decide the direction to work towards for my career. This involved not just strategy but also about fundamentally pursuing what I was interested in. I learned from Alex that I should follow my instinct, be unafraid to fail, and to create my own path. I now want to support others as well because I believe that everyone can benefit from having a coach."


Dr. Chiam Tut Fu

Medical Director, Thomson Wellth Medical


"Aviary & Co. is a refreshing solution to what the healthcare industry needs at the moment - the integration of fitness and wellness with health. Alex's breadth of expert content knowledge and depth of relevant experience in the industry puts him in an excellent position to add value and help any business start, build and grow in the fitness, health and wellness space. Alex's leadership and character multiplied by professionalism and his extensive network, gives him that greater leverage to be able to provide that much more for your business and organisation."

Yang Jiamin 
Owner and Founder, Jyan Yoga Studio


"Alex has been super friendly and approachable. As my Business Coach, he takes into consideration my mental well-being as well as my business health. Alex has been selfless and willing to share knowledge with our regular check-ins to push me and keep me accountable on things related to the business. These sessions have also helped me with my personal life.


Alex’s wide network has allowed for me to connect with others in his community who have helped in my studio start-up.


Alex is an authentic leader that is focused on providing value to the fitness, health and wellness community. I am thankful for his coaching and I recommend you speak to him if you need some direction or simply to just clear your head and make sure you're on the right track with your business plans."


Dr Terrence Chee

The Osteopathic Approach


"Alex is able to listen, relate effectively, and is intelligent enough to understand my situation before coming up with a plan which requires vast experience. And we really don't come across individuals with such diverse experience very often."

Nicole Seah

COO of Rewardz Pte Ltd


"Alex prepared well for the event as a moderator for a virtual wellness fiesta. He also made the other panelists feel comfortable with him and was able to connect well with the audience. He dealt with the questions that came from the audience in a calm and composed manner, providing both panelists the space and cues to answer them."

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